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Karen Burns, CEO of Victorious Academies Trust, has been elected as one of thirty-six new advisers to England’s Regional Schools Commissioners (RSCs).

Out of the thirty-six advisers elected, Karen is one of four that have been elected in the North West region. Karen joins Nic Brindle from Youth Engagement Schools Trust in Congleton; Tania Lewyckyi of The Bishop Fraser Trust in Bolton and Annette Williams of the Weaver Trust in Northwich. The four regional elected academy leaders will take up their posts in September.

Advisory boards, previously known as Headteacher boards, help RSCs oversee the academy sector and conversions of maintained schools in their regions.

Karen has taught across several Tameside schools throughout her career, moving through the ranks from Teacher to Headteacher over a 16 year period. Karen was appointed to the post of Chief Executive Officer of Carillion Academies Trust in 2016. She subsequently decoupled sponsorship from Carillion and created a new entity, Victorious Academies Trust in January 2018. There are 9 primary schools in the North West within the Trust and several other Tameside schools working alongside.

Karen also facilitates training across the UK for the National Professional Qualification for Executive Leadership. She has been a keynote speaker at several educational events including the MAT summit. More recently she was invited to present as an 'inspirational woman in educational leadership’ and is also the Chair of the Tameside Schools’ Forum Committee.

Speaking about the opportunity, Karencommented: “I am delighted to be elected in this role. I am very grateful to all those who voted for me and I have every intention of representing and supporting all my colleagues to the best of my ability in order to ensure appropriate progress and development for all local Trusts. I passionately believe that being part of a Multi Academy Trust is the best way for schools to improve themselves. Collaboration between academies encourages reflection and informs best practice and is also pivotal in broadening and strengthening professional development. Having achieved this at Victorious Academies Trust, I now want to support others in reaching the stage where the true benefit can be felt.”

National schools commissioner Dominic Herrington said all winners were “highly regarded”, and thanked candidates and voters.

A total of 164 Trust and Academy leaders threw their hats into the ring when voting began last year, with each academy able to cast a vote.

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